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Kobelco excavators have a reputation for being highly fuel efficient, reliable and quiet to operate. Many businesses count on our excavators to deliver top-class performance along with strong support from our dealer network to provide great after-sales support and service so they can focus on what matters - keeping their clients happy.

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Reasons to enquire about Kobelco 

 Best Warranty in the market
Standard 4 Year / 4,000 Hour Full Machine Warranty across our Kobelco Mini Excavator Range.
2 Year / 3,000 Hour Full Machine Warranty + 4 Year / 6,000 Hour Major Component Extended Warranty across our Midi, Large and Recycling Range.

  Over 80 years of history and technical expertise
Kobelco has over 80 years of experience developing pioneering technology with the support of the Kobe Steel Group. Our mini excavators are fuel efficient, powerful, safe and comfortable and are highly appreciated by customers.

  Fast and flexible Kobelco Finance available 
Kobelco Finance is easy and available to apply for through our experienced dealer network. Click here for your nearest authorised Kobelco dealer for more information.

 Nationwide dealer support network
Experienced dealer network of mini excavator and excavator specialists have a commitment to providing customers with excellent service and support. Kobelco GEOSCAN Excavator Remote Monitoring System When a hydraulic excavator is fitted with this system, data on the machine's operation can be obtained remotely. Kobelco's Revolutionary Integrated Noise & Dust Reduction Cooling System (iNDr) Our iNDr cooling system has enabled us to build excavators that are much quieter than regulatory requirements - delivering "Ultimate Low-Noise."

What our customers are saying

“The Kobelcos are just perfect. They tick all the boxes when it comes to price and reliability. Melbourne Tractors’ after sales service is second to none. Fuel economy is also fantastic. I’ve done a whole week’s work on one tank of diesel. I started work on Monday morning and it took until the Friday at lunchtime before I needed to top up the tank.”

- Anthony Ring from Anthony Ring Excavations

“Kobelco’s consistent reliability and performance for my clients has resulted in an excavator fleet consisting largely of Kobelco machines. We have over 50 Kobelco excavators of different sizes across our fleet. We keep our fleet fresh and technologically up-to-date, constantly updating with new Kobelco machines. There's little for us to worry about when we deal with our Kobelco dealer Sydney Trucks and Machinery. We get exceptional pricing for such dependable machines as well as great after-sales support and servicing.”

- Jon Arnot from Sitex Rentals

"Like the other Kobelco Generation 10 machines we have in our fleet, we love the upgraded features for fuel efficiency because it's not compromising the excavator's power. The Kobelco's fuel efficiency is one of the big advantages of these machines - we operate by the bucket, not by the hour, so we need to keep fuel minimised and power maximised."

- Mike Coleman from Coleman Drainage