The super-compact 1 tonne Kobelco SK008 can enter and work efficiently in even narrower passages than ever before, with a crawler width of 68cm with its undercarriage fully retracted. The tail swing overhang is only 30.5cm over the tracks, which allows for uninterrupted work, even in close proximity to walls. The ROPS structure is hinged and foldable, allowing easy access even when height clearance is restricted.

Despite the small compact body size, the SK008 delivers exceptional body balance. The outer flange-type lower rollers also help ensure high lateral stability. The reinforced structure can handle hard work and provides exceptional stability for the operator while working.


Transport Dimensions

Length, Width & Height

2.6 x 0.68 x 2.3 m (Retracted)

Operating Weight

1,035 kg

Refilling Capacities

Fuel Tank

9.7 L

Hydraulic Oil Tank

5.7 (10.7) L

Working Range

Max. Digging Depth

1.5 m

Max. Digging Reach

2.83 m


Rated Power Output

7.7 kW

Rated Torque

31.5 Nm

Breakout Force

Bucket Digging Force

10.5 kN

Arm Crowding Force


Hydraulic System

Max. Pump Flow


Standard Auxiliary

N&B Piping

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