Designed for the most extreme work environments, the SK500XDLC is purpose-built with a robust machine body and substantial additional reinforcements to all key areas of stress and wear across the boom, arm, underbody and undercarriage.

Experience next-level lifting capabilities with the standard extreme duty 7.0m boom and 3.45m arm, reaching a 7.81m dig depth with a rated safe working load over 6,000 kg (measured at full reach over the side). For even greater capacity, the XD Series is also available in a mass excavation (ME) configuration, known as the SK520XDLC. Equipped with additional counterweight and a shorter 6.5m boom and 2.6m arm, the SK520XDLC delivers even higher breakout forces and additional bucket capacity, with a rated safe working load exceeding 8,000 kg.


Transport Dimensions

Length, Width & Height

12.23 x 3.58 x 3.38 m

Operating Weight

52,200 kg

Refilling Capacities

Fuel Tank

638 L

Hydraulic Oil Tank

371 (631) L

Working Range

Max. Digging Depth

7.81 m

Max. Digging Reach

12.04 m


Rated Power Output

257 kW

Rated Torque

1,400 Nm

Breakout Force

Bucket Digging Force

293 kN (ISO 6015)

Arm Crowding Force

222 kN (ISO 6015)

Hydraulic System

Max. Pump Flow

2 x 370 L/min + 60 L/min

Standard Auxiliary

N&B + Tilt Piping

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