Introducing Kobelco’s powerful new ultra-compact 23-tonne range, featuring the cutting-edge Series 7 cabin for unrivalled ergonomics and operator comfort.
Equipped with a high-performance Tier 3 engine, these machines deliver an impressive 127kW output with 22% higher torque than previous models and eliminate the need for DPF or AdBlue.

These state-of-the-art Short Radius machines are built to excel in the tightest working conditions, boasting reinforced durability and exceptional stability for improved productivity.


Transport Dimensions

Length, Width & Height

8.69 x 2.8 x 3.15 m

Operating Weight

23,300 kg

Refilling Capacities

Fuel Tank

330 L

Hydraulic Oil Tank

114 (230) L

Working Range

Max. Digging Depth

6.58 m

Max. Digging Reach

9.70 m


Rated Power Output

127 kW

Rated Torque

805 Nm

Breakout Force

Bucket Digging Force

132 kN

Arm Crowding Force

96.8 kN

Hydraulic System

Max. Pump Flow

2 x 220 + 40.6 + 20 L/min

Standard Auxiliary


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