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Gorilla Earth Works and Plant Hire (EPH)

A Kobelco excavator has become the “perfect” piece of equipment to enable a major earthmoving business to carry out its portfolio of projects.

Gorilla Earth Works and Plant Hire (EPH) has established itself as one of South Australia’s leading earthmoving equipment companies, a reputation earned from its multi-skilled approach that allows its experienced team to work closely with clients across all stages of a project.

Specialising in commercial developments, government infrastructure works and residential developments, Gorilla EPH is a family-owned and operated business with more than 13 years industry experience.

Kobelco Customer Gorilla Eph

Director Jason Flaherty, who began with the company in 2022, said the company was committed to delivering quality earthworks for South Australia’s best infrastructure projects of any size.

“Our team focuses on major roads and concrete/bitumen/subgrade preparations for the Tier 1 industry, down to the occasional residential following from industrial preps,” he said.

“We are recognised for our old-school work ethic which continues to fuel all operations.

“We are well known and respected for our ability to always find our clients the most valuable project solutions, combining our extensive knowledge and experience in the way we operate.”

And indeed, when it comes to experience, Jason is just about an industry veteran. Starting in the civil industry when he was just 15 on one of Adelaide’s major infrastructure projects, he progressed through various government projects into mining and then back to civil constructions in early 2017.

And throughout his extensive career, when it comes to excavators, one brand has well and clearly stood out: Kobelco.

“I had used Kobelco excavators when working with another company and was always impressed with their performance,” Jason said.

“It was a no-brainer to use them in Gorilla, where the equipment consists of a truck, trailer, and a Kobelco SK100MSR excavator, alongside a posi-track.”

Kobelco Customer Gorilla Eph

In terms of performance and operator comfort, Jason is a big fan, endorsing Kobelco’s current range as second to none for value of purchase.

“It goes all the way from the breakout force and fuel consumption, the smoothness of the hydraulics, to the creature comforts they provide for their future clients. The brand keeps innovating and understands operator requirements, taking them into consideration in their designs,” he said.

Our favourite feature is the space of the cab in our SK100MSR excavator; there’s plenty of leg room and with the easy placement of the utilities inside of the cab, they have really taken all aspects of a perfect 10-tonne digger to the next level.

Jason Flaherty, Director, Gorilla EPH

 “The design provides our operators with a unique “eagle-eye” view, allowing full 270 degree machine perimeter visibility at all times.”

Other aspects of the model are also noteworthy.

“We chose the SK100MSR for our operation due to the size and productivity and nimbleness of its class,” Jason said.

“While it’s a standard width excavator, it also has the advantage of being able to access tighter spaces to transfer material in bulk with ease, like its fellow mid-range excavators.

“For the scope of works we do, this machine is perfect.

“Kobelco have adapted to the current market so well that it would be a hard brand to steer away from when we consider the next purchase for our growing fleet.”

But while equipment performance is an important asset, it’s just as vital to have reliable and regular backup service and support in place.

In this regard, Gorilla has nothing but praise for the local Kobelco dealer it sourced the Kobelco excavator from, Adelaide-based North East Auto Group.

“The backup support has been phenomenal: from the unbelievable customer support to servicing, leading to our team always being a repeat customer,” Jason said.

“North East also service a lot of Tier 1 companies and our machine comes with a lot of Tier 1 specs, such as flashing beacons and approachable light warning systems.

“Maintaining that trusted relationship with customers comes right down to our team and our fully equipped equipment.

Kobelco Customer Gorilla Eph

“We need to have full trust in knowing the reliability of our Kobelco excavator to get our projects done efficiently, and with ease.

“It makes building that relationship so much easier knowing projects will be completed on time and with no downtime whatsoever.”

North East Auto Group

Born from an Isuzu Truck dealership, the Group has grown from strength to strength since 2013, winning multiple awards, further building on its brand and becoming the largest seller of new and used trucks in South Australia.

Through its evolution, and desire to offer a turnkey solution to the industry, various other business units were created in order to better service customers, in the form of the Engineering and Manufacturing, Parts and Service, and Agricultural and Construction divisions.

With updated state-of-the-art facilities sprawling across 24 acres at Burton, locations at Port Augusta, Hampstead Gardens and Lonsdale, the Group aims to live up to its claim as being the “One Stop Auto Shop”.

Part of the North East range of equipment are the Kobelco excavators.

As North East Group sales executive Tony Romeo explains, Kobelco has been an innovator in excavation since 1930, using market leading Japanese design and technology to deliver unbeatable value.

“They offer legendary reliability, superior productivity, best-in-class fuel efficiency, low noise and dust reduction systems, and high performance and durability,” he said.

“Some of the bestselling excavators in the Kobelco range include the SK17SR-6, SK55SRX-7, SK100MSR-7, SK135SR-7, SK380XD and the SK500XD.

“The demand for these machine ranges from plumbers, fencing contractors, electricians, concreters, landscapers, property developers and civil infrastructure.

“There’s a reason why Kobelco was the number one selling brand of heavy excavator in Australia in 2023.”

Tony said the relationship with Jason began long before he formed Gorilla, when he was with the previous company.

“We’ve dealt with him quite a lot over the years and he was always a great asset to his team. Through this connection, we were able to help him purchase his first Kobelco,” he said.

“I believe with the machine’s features and durability and our aftersales support, he will be purchasing all his excavators through North East Auto in the future.”

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Kobelco Customer Gorilla Eph