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It's here - The Kobelco SK135SR-5!

Feb 1, 2018 by (Kobelco Australia Team ) | Updates

It's here - The New Era Kobelco SK135SR-5 and SK135SR-5 Offset has arrived! 
Featuring a new Tier 4 Final Engine! 
Offically launching the SK135SR-5 at Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo at Site 84 from April 13th to 15th 

The Kobelco SK135SR-5 has a new hydraulic clog sensor and larger oil filtration.
It also has light touch levers which reduce fatigue by 25%. 

The Kobelco SK135SR-5 Offset features factory fitted height, depth & offset limiters and a cab interference protection system. 

Contact your nearest Kobelco Dealer today for more information on 1300 562 352 for AU or 0800 646 426.

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