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Kobelco doesn’t just build the highest quality excavators in the industry – they are also backed up by an expert network of independently owned and operated dealers.


Best Warranty in the market
2 Year / 3,000 Hour Full Machine Warranty + 4 Year / 6,000 Hour Major Component Extended Warranty.

Over 80 years of history and technical expertise
Kobelco has over 80 years of experience developing pioneering technology with the support of the Kobe Steel Group. Our excavators are fuel efficient, powerful, safe and comfortable and are highly appreciated by customers.

Fast and flexible Kobelco Finance available
Kobelco Finance is easy and available to apply for through our experienced dealer network.

Exclusive Low noise iNDr Cooling System
The Kobelco revolutionary Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System deliver ultra-low noise during operation. The filter effectively removes dust particles which helps the cooling unit maintain the ideal heat balance.

Kobelco GEOSCAN Excavator Remote Monitoring System
When a hydraulic excavator is fitted with this system, data on the machine’s operation can be obtained remotely:

Operating Hours:
Comparison of operating times of machines at multiple locations
Record operating hours onsite accurately e.g. running times for rental machines etc.

Location Data:
Accurate real-time location data can be obtained.

Fuel Consumption:
Collect Fuel Consumption Data and Idling Times.

Graph of Work Content:
Graph of how working hours are divided among different operating categories e.g. digging, idling, travelling etc.

Maintenance Status:
Provided on machines at multiple sites to personnel for more efficient planning of servicing required

Warning Alerts:
Triggers alert if anomaly is sensed, preventing damage that could result in downtime.

Security System:
Engine Start Alarm can be set to sound if the machine is operated outside of designated time.
Alarm is triggered if machine is moved out of designated area to another location.

Status Check:
Status check from computers or smartphones via email or internet.

Daily/Monthly Reports:
Operational data can be downloaded to a computer for daily and monthly reports.

Next-3E Technology
The perfection of Kobelco Next-Generation network performance includes:
Enhancement: New hydraulic circuitry minimises pressure loss.
Economy: Highly fuel efficient engine and high structural durability retains machine value for longer.
Environment: Features that go easy on Earth and noise reduction measures which minimise noise and vibration.

Main Features

Ultimate low vibration
Coil springs absorb small vibrations, and high suspension mounts filled with silicone oil reduce heavy vibration. This ensures ultimate low vibration when travelling and digging.

Spacious and comfortable ROPS Cab
The new ROPS cab with tempered glass windows protects operators. Roomy operating space is assured with a big cab with excellent visibility in all directions.

Powerful and smooth travel and swing
Best in class travel torque ensures smooth travel on slopes and uneven terrain and also when changing machine direction. Powerful swing torque ensures smooth swing acceleration for efficient performance.

Amazing productivity with less fuel
The combination of a large capacity fuel tank and best in class fuel efficiency delivers an impressive increase in continuous operating hours.

New arm interflow system in Kobelco dash 10 models
When lowering the boom, the new arm interflow system uses the downward force generated by the boom’s weight to push fluid to the shovel arm. This greatly reduces the need to apply power from outside the system.

Big power, little fuel for unbeatable cost performance with the SK500
Powerful and smooth travel and swing, multi-display colour monitor for easy checking, one-touch attachment mode switch and emergency acceleration feature.

Auto idle stop
This function saves fuel and cuts emissions by automatically shutting down the engine when the machine is on standby.

Our high and wide excavators are specially equipped for forestry and hilly terrain work.
This series of excavators has generous ground clearance for stumps or rocks. The extra crawler width ensures excellent stability, which allows for uninterrupted work and greater lifting capacity. Durability is improved with full track guides and larger upper rollers for the crawlers to prevent de-tracking.

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