Kobelco’s 13-tonne SK135SR excavator combines raw power, exceptional agility and a choice of configurations to make it one of the most useful and versatile excavators on the market, according to Kobelco Australia Brand Leader, Doug McQuinn.  


“The SK135SR is available in a variety of configurations, so there’s a model to suit any requirement,” said Doug. “You can choose to have a dozer blade fitted, a standard undercarriage or the SK135SRLC with long carriage and you can choose to have a mono boom or an offset boom.”


The optional offset boom specification makes it even easier to work in tight spaces, allowing you to dig right next to walls. “The roomy cab is fitted on a compact upper machine with a very small rear overhang when swinging. In fact, the whole machine needs just 3.5 metres of working space for continuous 180-degree digging, swinging and loading. This means you can get into those tight spaces without compromising on reach or power.”


The SK135SR has been designed with tight, urban work sites in mind, with a low noise level thanks to its revolutionary Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System (iNDR).


“The iNDR system not only ensures a quieter, cleaner engine but also supports the performance of the cooling unit and makes maintenance a breeze,” said Doug.


The high pressure common rail fuel injection engine with multiple injection system features adjustable controls to maximise fuel efficiency and provide powerful low speed torque. The result is a highly fuel efficient engine.


The Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS) responds quickly to sudden changes in hydraulic load to ensure the engine runs as efficiently as possible. A single switch allows you to select from three different circuits to accommodate a bucket, crusher or breaker. Two digging modes are available depending on the application: heavy duty mode provides more power and performance while a standard mode for normal applications provides lower fuel consumption.


“While the SK135SR is extremely powerful and agile, it’s also very comfortable and easy to operate,” said Doug. “The feather-light levers mean less operator fatigue after long hours of operation. The view to the front is clear with minimal blind spots around the machine and a pillar-free right hand window for added visibility.”

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