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Jul 1, 2020 by (Kobelco Australia Team) | Updates

The newly launched SK135SR-7 brings you more power, more speed, more stability and more comfort. The SK135SR-7 is the latest in a new generation of excavators to demonstrate Kobelco’s prowess in excavator design and manufacture. Joining the Kobelco Series 7 excavator range, this machine is the latest Game Changer to hit Australian shores, promising an exceptional experience for operators.


The latest in a long line of powerful and efficient 15 tonne excavators, the Kobelco SK135SR-7 takes power and efficiency even further, with a significant 10% increase in engine output (compared to SK135SR-5). The performance increase ensures no loss of power on gradients and with heavy bucket loads and delivers a powerful tractive effort of 141kN. Complete with a new hydraulic control system, digging cycle time has been reduced by 10%, compared with the previous model.


Kobelco has always believed that operator care and safety through design is paramount; the SK135SR-7 benefits from a modern cabin design with operating controls and systems that feature the latest available technology as standard to boost production efficiency through precise, easy to use and read controls, and class-leading operator comfort.

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