SK1300DLC: Arriving Soon

Larger tools, higher reach. Rebuilding the future with the Kobelco SK1300DLC.

There is literally no job too big for the Kobelco SK1300DLC. With an operating weight of 130 tonnes and a colossal reach of up to 40m, the SK1300DLC is currently the world’s largest OEM manufactured building demolition machine. Its introduction to the European market in March 2022 was met with high expectations due to its superior productivity, versatility, easy transportation and the ability to use more powerful crushers at new heights. After many units have been sold globally, the SK1300DLC is now available for order in ANZ, with the first sold unit due to hit Australian shores mid-2023.

Kobelco has long enjoyed a reputation as a market leader for demolition equipment in Japan. As an earthquake epicentre, buildings in Japan are often reinforced with concrete or steel to help ensure they are strong enough to resist seismic activity and provide adequate protection in the event of a natural disaster. However, when older buildings are no longer fit for purpose and redevelopment is required, machinery needs to be strong enough to demolish these structures, but also powerful enough to get the job done efficiently.

Over the last several years, there has also been an increasing demand for this size of building demolition machine, in particular for the demolition of industrial facilities, power plants, oil rigs and other infrastructure-related projects and the regeneration of urban areas. The ultra-high reach SK1300DLC-10 combines all the benefits of a conventional Kobelco excavator, but with the added strength, durability and technology to tackle some of these toughest demolition conditions. The SK1300DLC joins a complete range of smaller high reach demolition excavators available from Kobelco in ANZ, including the SK550DLC-10 and SK400DLC-10, and SK350DLC-10.

Versatile machinery for versatile jobsites

Like Kobelco’s other demolition models, the SK1300DLC is a common base-type machine. However, the integration of the Kobelco-developed NEXT ADVANCE system means that it can be adapted for multiple applications on the jobsite, including high elevation demolition projects as well as breaking up building foundations.

The NEXT ADVANCE 4-piece high reach demolition attachment was developed to achieve greater working heights with heavier tools; the new articulated structure enables a heavy tool to be elevated while keeping the machine’s centre of gravity low. This makes it possible to overcome the current operational limits of other 100 tonne-class machines. With a maximum pin height of 40m, the ultra-high reach attachment can accommodate a crusher capacity weight of 4.3 tonnes, while the 35m boom configuration can support even larger crusher weights of 5.2 tonnes. A 3-piece high reach attachment is also available with 35m and 31m configurations, accommodating crusher capacity weights of 5 tonnes and 6.1 tonnes respectively and enjoying a larger working reach.

The separate boom configuration allows fitment of even larger crushers of up to 12 tonnes, which can be used for powerful processing of material at ground level, or to tackle deeper sub-grade foundations.

Easy transportation

The modular design of all Kobelco’s demolition models allows easy transport with fast set-up and disassembly, which is a significant benefit to operators working on multiple jobsites or on different projects. Once collapsed, the SK1300DLC’s base machine has a transportation weight of less than 32 tonnes and a width of around 3.2m, which makes travelling between jobsites in urban environments, or in countries where there are strict regulations, possible. To save time on the jobsite, the machine’s main boom can be disassembled in approximately two hours.

Operator comfort and safety

As well as being challenging, demolition jobsites can also be dangerous as there is a significant risk of flying debris. With this in mind, the SK1300DLC has a number of systems and features to help ensure the operator’s safety while working on site. The Cab Interference Prevention System alerts the operator if the attachment comes within a certain distance of the cab, then stops gently and automatically. As there is no worry of contact, the system helps improve operator efficiency as they can more confidently perform lever operation. This highly accurate interference position detection also gives the operator a wider working area. The Tip-over Warning Device determines whether there is a danger of the machine tipping from the relative position and swing angle of the attachment. If the machine is in a dangerous position, the operator will be alerted with an audible alarm and a warning on the screen.

In addition, the demolition-specification tilting cabin is fitted with high strength security glass and radial grid guards across the front and top windows for excellent visibility and safety, and means that the operator can maintain a comfortable posture during high elevation demolition work.

Cameras fitted to four locations on the base machine (rear, right and left sides, and under the upper machine body), plus two cameras at the tip of the arm, also enables the operator to check their surroundings from the comfort of the cab.

Other safety features include high intensity LED working lights at the front, cab lights and boom light, debris deflector to prevent falling demolition debris from colliding with the cab, handrail and cab emergency lowering device lever.


Whatever the size of its demolition machines, Kobelco works hard to integrate features that will promote minimum downtime on the jobsite. In the SK1300DLC, improved serviceability is assured through the reversible cooling fan, which reduces the build-up of debris, wide maintenance walkway for easy access to inspection points, and a factory-installed greasing system for lubrication of the machine and attachment pins. Improved reliability and durability is also assured through the hydraulic holding valves on the boom and arm cylinders, bucket cylinder and jib cylinder guard to prevent damage during demolition operations.

Speaking about the release of the SK1300DLC in Australia, Chris Wolf, General Manager of Marketing & Direct Sales said, “as the market leader in high reach demolition excavator sales in Japan, Kobelco’s expertise and reputation globally in the demolition industry is well established. With the introduction of the SK1300DLC, Kobelco is now able to offer this ultra-high reach excavator to demolition contractors across Australia and New Zealand.”

The SK1300DLC is ideal for demolition projects that require a high reach of over 30m, but its NEXT ADVANCE system, and high capacity tool weight also makes it ideal for demolition work at ground level or sub-ground. We see that this versatility, and the fact that it is quick and easy to disassemble and transport, is of great benefit to demolition contractors working on multiple jobsites. Despite its commanding size, at the heart of it, the SK1300DLC also has all of the same great high quality and performance that Kobelco is renowned for.”

The Kobelco SK1300DLC-10 is available for order and delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand. For more information or to enquire about the SK1300DLC, please contact Kobelco Australia at,

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