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New South Wales-based PWG Infrastructure is a utility construction company which specialises in the construction of assets for Sydney Water.

The company in its current form came into being earlier this year when PWG merged with Mayvan Civil, following an extended period of collaboration. PWG Infrastructure now harnesses the strengths and expertise of both to close the loop between tendering, project management, and onsite execution.

Theirs is a team serious about their reputation for safety, quality, and reliability, and expect the same from the machinery they rely on.

To this end, the company recently added a new Kobelco SK380SRLC, a Japanese-made 37 tonne short-radius excavator, to its growing fleet.

Pwg Civil Excavator Working

Joe Cooney, Founder of Mayvan Civil and now Operations Manager at PWG Infrastructure, says his company has developed an excellent relationship with Kobelco, and has been very pleased with the performance and reliability of the machines.

“We took delivery of the 37-tonne machine in May, and we’ve got 35-tonne and 23-tonne Kobelco excavators too,” he says. 

The team at PWG Infrastructure makes it their business to buy the right machinery for the job, and optimise those machines for efficiency.

“We take quite a bit of pride in always looking for better ways of doing things, which is why we’ve gone for reduced radius machines,” Cooney says.


Kobelco’s SK380SRLC is the heaviest short-radius excavator on the market, designed to maximise power and efficiency in small spaces.

Its refined hydraulic system and drivetrain is powered by an efficient 7684cc Hino turbocharged liquid cooled diesel engine, which ensures businesses are futureproofed for emissions reduction.

A robust powertrain delivers a drawbar force of 314 kilonewtons while its high hydraulic pressure and balanced chassis layout provides a 12,390-kilogram lift capacity at a six-metre reach.

The SK380SRLC is a limited tailswing excavator, meaning only a small portion of the machine’s compact rear end extends beyond the tracks – ideal for operation in tight, built-up areas.

Delivering on big jobs in tight spaces is something PWG Infrastructure knows a thing or two about. As Sydney Water asset specialists, the business is regularly engaged with challenging projects on busy sites.

Challenges the team regularly encounter include restricted working hours, narrow construction corridors, and deep excavations. The company is regularly required to liaise with multiple stakeholders, including local businesses, utility providers, and other contractors; and is regularly working around pedestrian and traffic management.

These factors mean efficiency, productivity, and a high degree of care is always paramount.

“Given so much of our work is in built-up urban areas, the limited swing on the Kobelco machines is a big advantage – but it doesn’t compromise on lifting capacity,” Cooney says.

“I drove the SK380SRLC myself for a few hours recently, and for a limited tailswing machine, even without a blade attached, it’s extremely stable and well balanced.

“It’s also very fast and powerful for a new machine. With other brands we’ve tried, sometimes machines can feel underpowered for the first six months until they’re broken in. But with the Kobelco, it had the right speed and power off the bat – we’ve been really impressed.”

Joe Cooney, Operations Manager

Cooney says the smooth hydraulic performance of Kobelco’s excavators is another big selling point, particularly in PWG Infrastructure’s line of work.

“We need our machines to be fast and powerful, but they also need to be smooth for when we’re craning in pipes,” he says. “The Kobelco SK380SRLC has been ticking all the boxes for us so far.”

The team has also been impressed by the machine’s fuel efficiency, as well as its performance when operating in ECO mode.

“With the Kobelco, you can drive as fast as you need in ECO mode. You can do the day-to-day works, whether it’s craning pipes or trenching. Then, if you really need it, you can put it into power mode if you need to do some heavier lifting.”

Cooney says PWG Infrastructure is entertaining the purchase of a second Kobelco SK380SRLC, given the excellent performance and flexibility of their first.

“At PWG, we value suppliers who can provide excellent customer service. Plus, it’s always great to have one point of contact who can look after everything for us,” he says.

“We’ve found that when things don’t go to plan, that’s often when suppliers show their true colours,” Cooney laughs. “But we’ve had really good service from Kobelco, so we’re very keen to keep dealing with them in the future.”

Written by: Roads & Infrastructure Magazine

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