Backing Excellence with the Best Warranty

Have you heard? We have upgraded our warranty for all Kobelco excavators!

The full factory warranty on Kobleco’s heavy excavators has been increased to 2 years / 3,000 hours from 1 August 2014, leading the industry in warranty for this class of machine. In addition, all Kobelco Heavy Excavators come with 4 year, 6,000 hour Extended Power Train Warranty as standard at no additional cost.
While on the range of mini excavators, Kobelco have previously offered a 4 year / 4,000 hours extended power train (EPT) warranty, they are now upgrading this with a 4 year / 4,000 hours full factory warranty on the complete machine. This warranty also extends to the new range of mini models launched this month. 
“This move is not just a better deal for our customers but it simplifies warranty, as it’s no longer necessary to offer a separate EPT warranty for Kobelco mini excavators.”


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