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How much fuel would a Kobelco excavator save me?

Click here to visit our 'we save you fuel' page. You can also download a brochure from the same page OR contact our friendly dealers by calling 1300 KOBELCO (for AUS) or 0800 646 426 (for NZ) for more fuel saving figures.

What are the main benefits of a Kobelco excavator?
Kobelco and its customers can guarantee that Kobelco excavators are fuel efficient, productive and reliable. Kobelco know the importance of productive equipment, lowering operating costs and maximising up-time so customers make more profit.
What are the sizes and prices of excavators that Kobelco sells?
Kobelco supplies a range of excavators from a 1 tonne operating capacity through to 85 tonne and has a specialist range of car dismantling and long reach demolition machines with up to 60+ metre reach. For prices of different models and more information, please contact our friendly dealers by calling 1300 KOBELCO (for AUS) or 0800 646 426 (for NZ).

What is the standard warranty on Kobelco excavators?


Kobelco mini excavators up to 5.5 tonne have standard 4 year / 4,000 hour full warranty.

Kobelco large excavators from 7 tonne up have 2 year/ 3,000 hour full factory warranty. All Kobelco large excavators also have 4 year/ 6,000 hour extended power train (EPT) warranty.

Please contact your local Kobelco dealer for more information.  

For further details on warranty, please contact our friendly dealers by calling 1300 562 352 (for AUS) or 0800 646 426 (for NZ).

What are the service intervals of Kobelco large excavators?
Service intervals for Kobelco large excavators is 500 hours.
Where can I find more information on Kobelco parts?

Kobelco Second Genuine Parts (K2GP) are fast moving selected range of parts that are approved by Japan as well as sourced and field testes in South East Asia to ensure reliability and quality.

K2GP represent great value and a legitimate alternative to aftermarket suppliers. The range includes undercarriage, filters, seal kits, turbochargers, injectors and injector pumps.

For more information on K2GP options and prices, please contact our friendly dealers by calling 1300 KOBELCO (for AUS) or 0800 646 426 (for NZ).

Does Kobelco have a National presence?

Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia supplies Kobelco excavators through a Dealer Network covering every state in Australia as well as Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

How do I locate a Kobelco Dealer closest to me?

To locate a Kobelco Dealer, click here to visit our 'Kobelco Dealer' page

How can I find Machine spec sheets?

Click here to visit our 'brochures' page and download a full brochure which will include the machine specifications.

Where do I find out more information on Kobelco finance options?
Applying for Kobelco Finance is easy and it is tailor made to suit your requirements. To apply or find out more information simply visit your nearest Kobelco dealer or call 1300 KOBELCO (for AUS) or 0800 646 426 (for NZ).
Does Kobelco offer national service contracts?

Yes, for all enquiries please email Mark Johnson our National Major Accounts Manager at mark.johnson@kobelco.com

How long have Kobelco been selling excavators?
Kobelco excavators have been built in Japan since 1930 with the development of the 50K electric mining shovel and have since become a global equipment seller
How do I contact Kobelco if I have a testimonial or business story to share?

Thank you for sharing your comments with us, it is always great to hear testimonials. Simply, click on the 'contact us' page and fill out the enquiry form and we will be in contact with you shortly

Where can I locate the Kobelco Australia YouTube page on the website?

The link to our Kobelco Australia YouTube page is located on the bottom right of the website

Where can I get information on Kobelco merchandise?

Click here to visit our 'merchandise' page to see the Kobelco range of gifts and apparel. If you are interested in purchasing or prices please contact our dealers directly by calling 1300 KOBELCO (for AUS) or 0800 646 426 (for NZ)

Where can I find information on Kobelco die-cast scale models?
Please contact our friendly dealers by calling 1300 Kobelco for more information on model prices and availability
Where do I express my interests in becoming a Kobelco Dealer?

Thank you for your interest in Kobelco, please visit our 'contact us' page and fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can