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Daly's Constructions

The latest case study by Earthmoving Equipment Magazine focuses on Kobelco customer, Daly's Constructions, a second generation construction family-business.

SK500XDLC Walk-Around

Kobelco Australia's Chris Wolf shows us around the first machine to launch in the new XD Series, a line of extra heavy-duty excavators.


The SK380SRLC is the heaviest limited tailswing excavator to enter the 35 tonne class. Discover the many features the SK380SRLC has to offer in our latest walk-around video.

SK140SRLC Performance Test

The SK140SRLC-7 offers superior performance, greater efficiency and productivity with increased power and speed. Watch as the SK140SRLC is put to the test and see for yourself what this machine has to offer.


Earthmoving Equipment Magazine’s latest case study focuses on Kobelco customer, Brazzo Civil. Director of the company, Mark Brassington, tells us about the great relationship they have with their local Kobelco Dealer, Sydney Trucks and Machinery, and how valuable Brazzo’s latest Kobelco purchases have been for the company.


George Matta, Site Manager at A-Civil, says the SK350 is his personal favourite as it does everything he needs, from hammering to demolition work. The top-class excavating reach, superior tractive force and comfortable cabin also helped earned George's tick of approval.


Michael Ragg, Director and General Manager of Western Earthmoving, has taken delivery of eight new Kobelco excavators in just as many months and has no hesitation in recommending Kobelco to anyone.

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