Kobelco SK350LC with Trimble Earthworks 3D machine control system

This really is the year for innovation, and not surprisingly, Kobelco is charging ahead of the field when it comes to embracing the latest technology with their high end excavators. Australian Earthmoving, alongside several Kobelco customers, was recently invited to attend a demonstration at Sydney Trucks and Machinery, showcasing the capability of the Kobelco SK350LC, integrated with a Trimble Earthworks system.

Kobelco has partnered with several of the leading machine control system technology providers to be able to offer their latest generation machines as 3D GPS Guidance Ready, additionally boasting simple integration of Machine Control systems that allow automatic grade control. The Kobelco SK350LC that we had the privilege of demonstrating featured the Trimble Earthworks Machine Control Platform with automatics, as well as the new Loadrite Payload Management system.

With an automatic machine control system, the machine automatically controls the position of the bucket and boom when the operator enables semi-autonomous mode. With the system enabled, all that the operator needs to do is position the machine, and simply pull back on the arm control stick where he wants to cut the grade.

The system positions the bucket cutting edge to stay on grade automatically, cutting a precise grade according to the site plan and avoiding costly overcut. A machine control system dramatically improves operating efficiency, and it allows unskilled operators to do work which could previously only be completed by someone with years of experience.

Automatic machine control systems have been around in the earthmoving industry for some time, but the technology has recently improved to make it much more practical for implementation on excavators. Recognising the value and increased productivity that this technology provides, Kobelco partnered with leading system suppliers to be able to offer a seamlessly integrated solution to its customers.

The new Kobelco SK350LC is an incredibly refined excavator, and together with a Trimble Earthworks system, Kobelco is delivering a level of productivity and precision that you have to see to believe.

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