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Kobelco Excavators Help LST Excavations Build A Better Future

It was a bleak and cloudy day in Sydney when the Australian Earthmoving Team went out on site to meet with the owner and operator of LST Excavations, Logan Turner. The weather wasn’t slowing down Logan’s new Kobelco SK235SR-5 from getting the job done, working away at general earthworks and drainage on a new Box Hill residential subdivision site.

The story of LST Excavations begins back in 2012, when Logan decided to start up his own company after learning the ropes in the industry. “I’d already been a part of the industry since finishing school, working on underground power and sewer repairs. I had learned a lot and was ready to take on the next challenge and push myself, along with wanting to better my family’s future. That’s how LST began,” explains Logan—a devoted husband and father of one beautiful daughter. The company went from a one-man operation to now having several employees and machines, the majority of which are Kobelcos. The company caters to subdivision work, private jobs and, really, any earthmoving projects around Western Sydney.

When the opportunity came knocking for a 23 tonne machine, the SK235SR-5 was an easy choice for Logan, having been satisfied with his previous Kobelco purchases. “I have found Kobelco machines to be trustworthy and a quality bit of gear, so the brand was easily my first choice,” explains Logan. The structural strength of Kobelco machines allow them to deal with heavy workloads and perform on the toughest of sites, which hasn’t gone unnoticed with their customers, with Logan commenting, “the SK235 has met all of my expectations and has performed well on each site, it continues to be reliable”.

The SK235SR packages up Kobelco’s unbeatable technology and engineering to deliver one powerful and robust machine, delivering outstanding tractive force and strong pushing capability with the optional blade. With exceptional working ranges, like class-topping vertical digging depth, the SK235SR is ideal for a worksite short on space, due to its compact design allowing for a continuous 180-degree dig, swing and load operation within a working space of just 3.68m. All Kobelco short radius machines also benefit from Kobelco’s exclusive iNDr system, the ultimate in ultra-low noise and dust reduction.

“Another plus for Kobelco is the reliable service team to back them up. Our sales rep from our Kobelco Dealer, Sydney Trucks and Machinery (STM), has been more than professional, reliable and helpful. I cannot fault the service team – they are always going above and beyond to ensure my machines are in good working order. I have only had one minor issue in the past, and the team came out and resolved it promptly. I couldn’t be happier with the service,” adds Logan.

While out on site, we had the pleasure of STM coming out to do some routine servicing. Like with any Kobelco machine, the SK235SR has been designed to allow for quick and simple inspections and maintenance, to avoid any unnecessary downtime. The SK235SR is no exception and allows for easy access from the ground for daily checks and most regular maintenance tasks.

The SK235SR-5 takes fuel efficiency to the next level, with 20% fuel savings compared to the previous model. When asked about the fuel consumption of his Kobelco excavators, Logan had this to say, “I agree with the reputation they have as being extremely fuel efficient. I have never once had any issues with fuel consumption,” says Logan.

LST Excavation’s new SK235SR is fitted with the latest Trimble Earthworks systems. “It’s definitely been a great addition to the machines, making my job a lot easier – I would definitely recommend the Trimble Earthworks system for anyone wanting a GPS system”.

The future continues to look bright for LST Excavations. “We’re constantly moving around the Western Sydney area to various job sites, and I’m always looking to expand if the right opportunity arises”.

For more information about the Kobelco SK235SR, contact your local Kobelco dealer on 1300 562 352 or find your local Kobelco dealer here.




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