Kobelco XD series excavators have found a place in the hands of AusCrush, where the machinery is put to the test.

Regardless of where quarrying gets done in Australia, crushing and screening remains vital to the process.

Given all operations are different – each with its own challenges that change over time – the value of mobile crushing and screening services that can deliver plant to all sites, regardless of location, cannot be understated.

And it’s here that AusCrush stands out.

An Australian family-owned and operated company, AusCrush specialises in mobile crushing and screening services. The company has a vision to provide a sustainable solutions to the quarrying and mining industries.

Kobelco Customer Auscrush

AusCrush is a company that values providing state-of-the-art equipment that delivers customers the best results. Managing director Morgan Taylor spoke to Quarry about the improvement of these services that has come from relying on Kobelco equipment.

“We’ve always had a strong affinity with the power and performance that is inherent with Kobelco equipment,” Taylor said.

“They perform so well when it comes to power they are delivering in our operation. There really is no competition in our mind when it comes to purchasing equipment.”

Sporting two Kobelco SK500XDLC units in its fleet, AusCrush has first-hand experience with the fuel efficiency (without compromising on power) that is delivered by these Kobelco machines.

It’s extremely apparent that the SK500XDLCs are delivering competitive levels of productivity, while using around 20 per cent less fuel.

Morgan Taylor, Managing Director

When it came to deciding on the excavators in which to invest, flexibility in operation was a key concern for AusCrush. It was also important to take into account the variety of conditions across Australia the fleet is expected to work in and around.

Currently supplying on-site mobile crushing services at an operation in Kanmantoo, South Australia, the SK500XDLC has been able to demonstrate that it has been “built for extreme durability and engineered to operate in the harshest conditions across the nation,” according to Taylor.

Kobelco Customer Auscrush

This makes it uniquely suited for a variety of applications in Australia, including quarry excavation, subdivision work, underground utility installation and heavy infrastructure.

“For what you get with the SK500XDLC, they are second-to-none on the market at this point in time,” Taylor said.


The SK500XDLC is a purpose-built machine for quarry and heavy civil applications. Its rugged body is built for wear and includes additional reinforcements to all key areas of stress across the boom, arm, underbody and undercarriage.

The extreme duty boom and arm set is built to last in the harshest of applications and includes additional factory-fitted hardened steel on all key structural sections. A specially designed full-length rock guard is also installed on the inside of the dipper arm, on top of additional steel plating.

These reinforcements work to support the standard extreme duty 7m boom and 3.45m reaching a 7.81m digging depth with a rated safe working load over 6000kg.

This next-level strength and durability has resulted in a machine that can stand up to the most extreme work sites and offer competitive results in earthmoving capabilities.

Kobelco Customer Auscrush


Alongside the impressive durability of the build of the machine, Kobelco has also found space to include an advanced hydraulic system within the SK500XDLC.

Delivering high levels of power and efficiency, the hydraulic system has been engineered for uncompromising performance and productivity.

“Our operations are reliant on all processes keeping up with each other in the production line,” Taylor said.

“The benefits from the hydraulic system of the SK500XDLC allow our operators to easily keep pace with the productivity of our crushing fleet, delivering even greater outcomes and increased outputs to our customers.”

Boasting a bucket breakout force of 293kN and powerful slew torque of 183kN, the SK500XDLC produces fast digging cycle times, delivering a new level of productivity to its end users.

A high tractive force is also present on the SK500XDLC, giving a large amount of drawbar pull to climb steep stockpiles, as well as high speeds when transiting, climbing slopes or negotiating rough terrain.

“The manoeuvrability on sites is a must, especially when all sites we work at are different,” Taylor said.

“We need the flexibility to work around and over stockpiles in some instances, and being able to do so easily not only makes the operation more effective, but also reduces fuel costs.”

Delivering an average fuel consumption of under 27 L per hour in typical Australian heavy-digging conditions, the decrease in fuel usage comes in part from the new boom to arm regeneration system.

More efficiently controlling hydraulic fluid flow and delivering a significant reduction of in-line resistance and pressure loss, the boom to arm regeneration system reduces the need for fluid to be moved from the pump, lowering the engine and hydraulic workload and resulting in increased fuel savings.

Operators can select from heavy-duty and standard work options, as well as an ECO mode that automatically optimises digging efficiency and delivers a 13 per cent decrease in fuel consumption.

Kobelco Customer Auscrush


Investing in a 52-tonne piece of machinery is not done lightly. Thankfully, the Northeast Auto Group – the local SA supplier for Kobelco – worked with AusCrush to supply two units with strong after-market support.

“One our biggest concerns for AusCrush is the warranties on our machines,” Taylor said.

“How long the machines last and the level of support we can look for are something we look for in any supplier and we have been looked after really well both by the Northeast Auto Group and Kobelco.”

Kobelco offers an extended major component warranty of four years or 6000 hours. This is included with all new XD Series machines and allows further peace of mind for businesses that choose to invest in Kobelco equipment.

The Kobelco Geoscan telematics system is also provided free of charge for five years, allowing remote access to a comprehensive set of machine operational and maintenance data from any web-enabled device.

AusCrush has 17 crushers and screens in the mobile fleet, in addition to eight pieces of heavy machinery that can be transported to any operation nationwide.

“We’re happy to go anywhere across Australia,” Taylor said. “We are a national company and even if we’re not in your state at the moment, we’re happy to move the work to wherever you are.”

Kobelco Customer Auscrush