Kobelco Numbers Add Up for Sydney Contractor

Sawing and carting up to 600 tonnes of sandstone blocks per day is heavy work, so reliable equipment is essential, according to contractor Andrew Irwin, who chooses Kobelco excavators for his business.

Andy’s Earthworks covers the greater Sydney area and he says he relies on Kobelco excavators because they are robust and deliver returns that make good economic sense. His operation runs on the back of eight Kobelco excavators.

“Kobelco’s are good on fuel, they have good warranties, it’s easy to get parts for them, and they have a realistic price. I am sick of machines that are too much hassle to get parts and services, and are too thirsty and too dear,” he says.

The biggest machines in the operation are three 20-tonne SK200s. They are usually based in his quarry, where they saw out blocks of sandstone for retainer walls. On a good day they move 600 tonnes, so machine strength and endurance are important.

“Kobelco is a steel company so they make a better machine, with stronger steel that lasts longer. The arm of my 20-tonnes is bigger in comparison to other brands. I wouldn’t buy anything else,” Andrew says.

With Kobelco’s quick-hitch Andy’s staff constantly swap attachments to best meet the job at hand: mud buckets, trenchers, rippers, grabs, hammers and rock saws.

“It’s beautiful inside; everything is adjustable to suit the operator. There’s good air conditioning and it’s a very quiet machine,” he says. The cab layout has been designed so that levers and controls utilise natural arm movements, and safety is enhanced with good visibility.

Image Kobelco Numbers Add Up For Sydney Contractor 2 - Kobelco Excavators

Image Kobelco Numbers Add Up For Sydney Contractor 3 - Kobelco Excavators

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