Kobelco Grunt Gives G&T Constructions a Lift

G&T Construction Ltd was launched 19 years ago by Lex Thomson. The company has 23 employees split into five crews operating six cranes and nine Kobelco excavators which range from 3.5 to 35 tonnes.

The company carries out a variety of projects such as constructing new sewage pumping stations, laying new sewer lines, bridge construction and more. At the moment the team is busy repairing and rebuilding infrastructure works in Christchurch.

“When you get on some of our sites, all the gear is one colour – Kobelco blue. We’ve never had a failure of a Kobelco machine and we see no reason to change as they’ve never let us down,” says Lex.

G&T Construction do a lot of lifting of precast concrete components and steel piles so digging as well as all other functions are critical to the company.

“We have tried all brands and our experience is that Kobelco excavators are the most powerful lifting machines. Even straight out of the factory Kobelco seem to have more grunt than other,” adds Lex.

To read more about Lex Thomson’s experience with his fleet of Kobelco excavator’s click here 

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