Kobelco Australia Scrap Metal and Scrap Handling Excavators

Kobelco offers a range of specialist Scrap Metal and Scrap Handling Excavators designed to cope with the rugged conditions of the Metal Recycling Industry.

Features include:

  • Elevating Cabins of up to 5.98 m high for excellent loading and scrap handling visibility
  • Specialist Factory fitted guarding to keep the operator and machine components safe
  • Rear view colour monitors, elevation alarm and cab under-mirror to ensure safe elevation
  • Specialist factory fitted scrap handling attachments capable of shearing scrap, moving and loading and car dismantling with 360 degree rotation capability
  • Lowest fuel consumption in its class and further fuel reductions with next generation electronic engine control

Scrap Loader machines available from 26 tonne to 48 tonne

Elevation Height 5.88 m 5.98 m 6.14 m
Elevation Range 2.8 m 2.8 m 2.8 m
Maximum working depth 5.96 m 5.31 m / 7.44m 9.11 m t

Elevating cab machines available from 21 tonne to 35 tonne

Operating weight 26,800 kg 32,000 kg 41,800 kg
Maximum working depth 5.17m 5.46 m 5.84 m
Elevation method Link Type Link Type Link Type
Elevation range 2.8 m 2.8 m 2.8 m

Car Dismantling machines available from 13 tonne to 20 tonne

SK135SR2 SK200-8
Operating Weight 19,580 kg 28,400 kg
Dig Depth 1.77 m 1.96 m
Dimensions 24.9 x 29.1 x 71.1m 2.8 x 2.98 x 9.45m

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To speak to someone from Kobelco Australia for more information or a quote, please call or email:

Mark Johnson
0409 071 777

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