Highlights from some of our 2013 customers

2013 has been a busy and eventful year for Kobelco Australia. Here are some highlights of why some of our customers have chosen to purchase Kobelco for their business and why their operators prefer to use Kobelco onsite!

Tom Kelliher from Eire Contractors – 

“Servicing is easy, but the big thing we have found is that the servicing is really only a maintenance requirement, as opposed to having to fix any machines. Parts are always readily available if needed – but we just don’t have anything ever go wrong with them.”

“Kobelco’s are just flogging other machines that they are working side by side with. Good fuel consumption is simply dollars in the bank at the end of the day. When you have 18 excavators all out working, a slight fuel advantage fast becomes a big one.”
Andrew Irwin from Andy’s Earthworks – 
 “Kobelcos are good on fuel, they have good warranties, it’s easy to get parts for them, and they have a realistic price. I am sick of machines that are too much hassle to get parts and services, and are too thirsty and too dear.”
“Kobelco is a steel company so they make a better machine, with stronger steel that lasts longer. The arm of my 20-tonnes is bigger in comparison to other brands. I wouldn’t buy anything else.”
Ian Walsh from Ian’s Digga Hire – 
“My SK135SR is great on fuel, and my mate has a bigger Kobelco that is just as good. Kobelco fuel economy is out of this world compared to others.”
General Manager of Natural Stone Constructions, Trevor Underwood – 
“They are outstanding on fuel savings and the overall presentation is superior. The cabins are also comfortable, with roll over protection and good visibility.”
Califam Construction’s Managing Director, Anthony Caligiuri says – 
“In general they are a very strong machine and are great on fuel consumption. Plus they can handle bigger rock breakers really well compared to other machines in the same class.”
“The reduced fuel consumption was a major factor in our decision but it also runs at a good speed when compared to other machines in its class. Its track speed is good too so it’s the complete package”
Dan Baumann owner of Peachey’s Constructions says – 
 “Compared to one of the major brands, we estimate each Kobelco could save us $15,000 per year, based on running 2000 hours in the year at $1.50 per litre for diesel.”
“The operators love it. I have two lead operators who have been in the industry for a long time and they say the Kobelco is streaks ahead of the other excavators we have.”
Managing Director, Clinton McKinnon from Attcall Civil Contractors’ – 
“More often it comes down to the backup and service that comes with that machine. You can have the best machine but if you can’t get parts then it’s no use to you. I have had a strong working relationship with my local Kobelco dealership, Sydney Trucks and Machinery Centre for 15 years.”
“Productivity, fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs are also important, while comfort, ease of use and smooth hydraulics are essential to his operators.”
“The cooling system keeps the final drives cooler, which saves me on maintenance costs. And the operators are happy to sit in them because they are comfortable and easy to use.”
Image Highlights From Some Of Our 2013 Customers 2 - Kobelco Excavators  Image Highlights From Some Of Our 2013 Customers 3 - Kobelco Excavators  Image Highlights From Some Of Our 2013 Customers 4 - Kobelco Excavators

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